Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

FHI 360 and partners are always looking for ways to improve the END in Africa project and create more value for both the beneficiary countries and donors such as USAID. FHI 360 and LATH work together to help national governments closely monitor and evaluate the impact of the END in Africa project on local populations in each beneficiary country. To that end, their specific contributions include:

  • In the first half of FY 2013, END in Africa staff trained NTDCPs on the new program workbooks and in collaboration with Envision program partner RTI, reviewed and streamlined the quality of the data captured.
  • Continuously capturing first-hand, real-time mass drug administration (MDA) information from sub-grantees.
  • Validating data for MDA campaigns in each END in Africa project country and submitting the data to a central database so it can be shared with USAID, the main project donor.
  • Conducting trend analysis to track progress over time and determine any bottlenecks in drug delivery or consumption.
  • Working with the World Health Organization to conduct monitoring and evaluation situation analyses and participating in M&E training for national NTD program managers and M&E officers.
  • Supporting Niger, Burkina Faso and other countries in their efforts to adapt their schistosomiasis protocols according to WHO guidelines.
  • Analyzing MDA data and reporting on END program accomplishments.
  • Facilitating roll-out and implementation of new tool for integrated planning and costing (TIPAC).
  • Review and provide input to country work plans and END program work plan.

Photo Credit: Helen Keller International