Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affect all 10 regions of Ghana, with an estimated 25 million Ghanaians at risk of contracting one or more NTDs. NTDs are debilitating and disproportionately affect the poor and vulnerable.

While lack of awareness, unsafe health practices, and limited access to safe water and sanitation continue to present challenges, Ghana’s NTD program (NTDP) has made good progress, particularly against trachoma and lymphatic filariasis (LF). Nevertheless, LF, schistosomiasis (SCH), onchocerciasis (Oncho) and soil transmitted helminthes (STH) continue to threaten health and wellbeing in Ghana and require continued attention and support from USAID’s END in Africa project and other partners.

FHI 360 directly implements END in Africa project activities in Ghana, in addition to its role as the overall END in Africa project manager and prime contractor.

Achievements in Ghana

  • Ghana has mapped all 7 NTDs and has nationwide mass drug administration (MDA).
  • All 37 health districts endemic for trachoma have stopped treatments, completed 5 years of post-treatment surveillance, and completed a pre-validation survey for trachoma.
  • Over three-quarters (75.6%) of health districts (HDs) endemic for lymphatic filariasis (76 of 98 HDs) have passed transmission assessment surveys (TAS) for stopping MDA and no longer need MDA for LF.

Ghana’s Trachoma Story

Ghana’s Trachoma Story from FHI 360 on Vimeo.

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