“The NTD drugs donated to the USAID-supported countries [including END in Africa countries] have been valued at over $15.7 billion, representing the largest public-private partnership in the Agency, with a leverage of $26 in donated drugs for every US tax dollar spent.”

USAID NTD Program website,

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NTD treatments lower disease risks for tens of millions

While there’s still a long way to go before declaring victory on NTDs, END in Africa has helped tens of millions of people who had been at high risk for contracting lymphatic filariasis and blinding trachoma. This means that millions no longer have to worry that they or their loved ones will go blind or suffer from painful, swollen limbs. It means they can continue working and taking care of their families and their children can continue going to school. It means hope, stronger families, healthier communities, and a much better chance for a high quality of life.

Photo Credit: Hellen Keller International

Number of people no longer at high risk for LF*

44.6 Million

* FY 2017 data

Number of people no longer at high risk for blinding trachoma*

29.8 Million

* FY 2017 data