Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Mass drug administration (MDA) is the main line of defense against NTDs. However, effective MDA campaigns require a reliable supply of NTD drugs. To ensure that sufficient drugs are available when needed for MDA campaigns, END in Africa partners undertook the following activities to strengthen and institutionalize supply chain and drug management systems and accountability:

  • Supported the establishment of a national committee within Cote d’Ivoire’s Ministry of Public Health and Hygiene MSHP to coordinate effective supply chain management of essential NTD drugs and supplies/medical logistics; and helped broker a storage and distribution agreement with Cote d’Ivoire’s National Warehouse.
  • Developed standard operating procedures (SOP) and complementary training materials in French and English to effectively manage NTD drugs and support the country programs in adapting them to their country-specific situation. The SOP identified include: reverse logistics, storing and inventory control, waste management, medicine handling during and after mass drug administration (MDAs) to maintain quality and ensure ability to track and consolidate supplies, physical inspection of drug packaging, distribution planning including reverse logistics and redistribution, forecasting, customs clearance, and documenting severe adverse effects (SAE).
  • Helped national ministries of health (MOH) quantify and procure drugs for upcoming mass drug administration activities.
  • Validated drug forecasts from the MOH and END in Africa project sub-grantees against consumption data and stock on hand.
  • Provided requested technical assistance to MOH for drug forecasting and supply chain management functions.
  • Worked with national governments, MOH and drug producers to ensure timely delivery, customs clearance, in-country transportation and appropriate warehousing and storage of drug consignments prior to mass drug administration activities.
  • Facilitated and streamlined the communications and information-sharing processes for receiving drug shipments.
  • Conducted post-MDA inventories of drug stocks.

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