“The global NTD situation is huge, so it’s not possible for a single institution to solve the problem by itself--we need partnerships.”

Dr. Lorenzo Savioli, Former Director, Department of Control of NTDs, World Health Organization

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NTDs: the diseases of neglected people

More than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from one or more painful, debilitating tropical diseases. Ninety percent of the NTD disease burden is in Africa, and most victims live in poor, rural communities and are infected with two or more NTDs at the same time. NTDs cause severe sickness and disability, poor mental and physical development, childhood malnutrition, low school attendance, and limited economic productivity.

Photo Credit: FHI 360

Number of people worldwide who suffer from at least one NTD:

More than 1 billion people

Most have two or more NTDs.

Africa's share of global NTD disease burden

90% of total burden