Financial Management and Administration

Although the END program’s primary focus is on strengthening NTD country programs as a means of ending neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in each country, the capacity building activities it provides also strengthen national health systems and other governmental agencies, as well. They also help to strengthen collaboration and reinforce working relationships among government agencies at the national, regional and local levels. Some of the activities that the END program supports in the financial management arena include:

  • Providing training on US Government financial rules and regulations as well as on financial policies specific to the END program.
  • Conducting workshops on financial performance and planning to address financial issues affecting NTD country programs.
  • Carrying out financial sampling of MDA expenditures in the offices of program sub-grantees to ensure standardization and adherence to established financial policies.
  • Supporting health officials charged with completing utilization reports following MDA activities.
  • Making recommendations to increase the efficiency of financial processes and improve compliance with procedures within sub-grantee offices and at the district level.

In the first half of FY2013, END in Africa partner Deloitte built the project’s financial management activities around the findings from financial sampling exercises, which identified specific challenges in the financial management system in each country that compromise the NTDCPs. Those activities included:

  • Conducting a financial sampling exercise in Togo with HDI to sample and observe USG financial compliance in the country’s MDA event.
  • Capacity building of NTDCPs and grantees in financial management, including working with Ghana Health Services’ NTD Country Program (GHS/NTDCP) to help them implement the Action Plan that was developed at the 2012 capacity building workshop in that country.
  • Improving management of US Government funds and providing training and support to help organizations transition to the fixed obligation grant (FOG)
  • Improving costing, budgeting and planning of NTDCPs through the Tool for Integrated Planning and Costing (TIPAC), along with WHO and the Envision project. TIPAC implementation has occurred in Ghana and will be rolled out to additional countries in the coming months.

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