Progress in Mass Drug Administration

In the first half of FY 2013, preventive chemotherapy (PCT) was provided as follows:

  • Burkina Faso: four (4) districts were treated for LF-oncho-STH with support from the Liverpool Center for Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNTD), and 21 districts were treated for SCH with USAID support, reaching over 598,000 and 2.3 million people, respectively.
  • Sierra Leone: Overall, 14 districts were treated for LF-STH; 12 districts were treated for oncho; and 7 districts were treated for SCH. Specific treatments included: 1.3 million people were treated for LF-STH in 2 districts in the Western Area; 1.8 million people in 7 districts were treated for SCH; and 12 districts were treated for LF-oncho-STH.
  • Togo: With support from the Government of Togo, 11 districts were treated for oncho and 4 districts for STH; in addition, 1 district was treated for SCH with USAID support. In FY 2013, Togo’s NTDCP is targeting areas in which STH prevalence ≥50%.
  • Ghana: MDAs were conducted in 40 districts and at least 494,697 people (partial results) were treated for oncho in the first half of FY 2013, with support from Sightsavers, the Government of Ghana, CNTD Liverpool and the African Program for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC). In addition, MDA was given to at least 2.7 million people (partial results) in 126 districts for SCH with USAID funds; and at least 1,823 people (partial results) out of the 6,053 who were targeted, received MDA for trachoma using funding from Sightsavers.
  • Niger: Some 9.6 million people were treated for STH and 4.1 million were treated for SCH in 37 districts. In addition, an estimated 9 million people in 30 districts were treated for LF and 5.2 million were treated in 16 districts for trachoma. All the above MDAs were funded by USAID.


END in Africa, MDA data reports since the inception of the program in 2011, by country

Note: MDA mass drug administration

Partial results of USAID-Supported MDA in FY2011-2012

Country Drugs Delivered Number of Districts Treated Number of Persons Treated (Millions) Number of Treatments Delivered (Millions) Program Coverage Percent (Range)
Burkina Faso (2011-2012) IVM, ALB, PZQ, Zithro, Tetra 45 20.8 39.9** 81-107
Niger (2011) IVM, ALB, PZQ, Zithro, Tetra 35 8.6 20.4** 72-95
Sierra Leone (2012) IVM, ALB 12 3.9 7.8 97.7
Ghana (2012) IVM, ALB 121 8.0 13.9 56.5-92.9
Togo (2012) IVM, ALB, PZQ 30 2.7 7.0 51-99.8
Total IVM, ALB, PZQ, Zithro, Tetra 243 44.4 89.1 NA


Notes:USAID United States Agency for International Development; MDA mass drug administration; IVM
ivermectin; ALB Albendazole; PZQ Praziquantel; Zithro Azithromycin; Tetra Tetracycline.

Figures may not add due to rounding.

** 2012 Mass Drug Administration for Schistosomiasis not included

*** Totals do not include 2012 Mass Drug Administration data for Togo and the two districts in Western Area, Sierra Leone.

MDA Program and Epidemiological Coverage by country and NTD, available data for FY2012

Country NTDs Program coverage (%) Epi Coverage (%)
Burkina Faso LF 101.21 80.9
Oncho 79.8 29.1*
SCH** 103.9 33.6
STH 83.7 67.1
Trachoma 88.7 85.4
Ghana LF 79.6 70.3
Oncho 93.8 80.8
STH 79.61 70.3
Trachoma NA NA
Sierra Leone LF 97.2 80.3
Oncho 98.2 80.2
STH Data not yet reported 96.2
Trachoma NA NA
Oncho 96.14 81.97
SCH 95.12 47.12
STH 98.97 29.39
Trachoma NA NA

Notes: MDA mass drug administration; NTD neglected tropical diseases; Epi epidemiological; : LF
lymphatic filariasis; Oncho onchocerciasis; SCH schistosomiasis; STH soil-transmitted helminthes; NA not

* The population at-risk for Oncho was initially overestimated by a factor of 7 times

** Only 18 districts treated to date

Available data on PCT updates by treatment provided by country during October 2012 – March 2013

Drug Burkina Faso Ghana**** Togo Niger Sierra Leone
IVM 598,845* 494,697*** ****** 17,853,348 2,667,740*****
ALB 3,137,993** 5,167,712 ****** 22,757,888 2,667,740*****
PZQ 2,539,148 5,167,712 34,029 4,904,540 1,822,938****
Azy-Tetra NA NA NA 5,246,942 NA
Total 6,275,986 10,830,121 34,029 50,762,718 7,158,418

Notes: PCT preventive chemotherapy; MDA mass drug administration; IVM ivermectin; ALB
Albendazole; PZQ Praziquantel; Azy-Tetra: Azithromycin and Tetracycline

*Funded by Center for Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNTD), Liverpool, UK
**598,000 treatments funded by CNTD
***Partial data from 12 districts, treatments funded by Sightsavers and the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC)
****No data received from 16 districts; incomplete data received from 26 districts.
*****Partial data; data not yet collated in 12 districts.
******11 districts treated using funding from the Government of Togo; treatment data not currently available.

Mapping Progress

Number of districts mapped coupled with districts requiring mapping as of FY2012 by NTDs

Countries: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo
Notes: LF lymphatic filariasis; Oncho onchocerciasis; SCH schistosomiasis; STH soil-transmitted helminths

Training conducted during April – September 2012

Trainee cadre Number Trained
MoH employees at central level 66
Trainers (Training of trainers) 431
Supervisors 2,717
Community Drug Distributors 68,414
Others 71
Total 71,699

Training sessions were cascaded and organized mainly for the MDA activities.

Disease-Specific Assessments

In order to measure the impact of MDA on disease prevalence, the NTD Control Program supports disease-specific assessments at defined intervals in line with WHO guidelines. The status of disease-specific assessments is depicted by countries in the tables below:

Assessments conducted in April – September 2012
(by country, type of assessment and disease)

Country LF Trachoma SCH
Sentinel Site (a)/Pre-TAS TAS District level Impact assessment Sentinel site assessment
# Districts Assessed # Districts prevalence below 1% # Districts Assessed # Districts prevalence below 1% # Districts Assessed # Districts prevalence below 10% # Districts Assessed Median Prev. Baseline (%) Actual Median prevalence (%)
Burkina Faso 3 3 14** 14 11 11 9 (4 rounds treatment) 29 (11.7-45.3) 21 (3-54)
Ghana 0 0 4*** 4 NA NA 0 NA NA
Niger 9 (a) Analysis underway 0 0 2 0 0 NA NA
Sierra 0 0 0 0 NA NA 0 NA NA
Togo NA NA 7*** 7 NA NA 0 0 0

Notes: LF, lymphatic filariasis; Oncho, onchocerciasis; SCH, schistosomiasis; STH, soil-transmitted helminthes; TAS, transmission assessment surveys; Prev., prevalence; NA, not applicable

*Oncho and STH not included

** 9 with USAID funds

*** Post MDA surveillance

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